Snapshots : Orlando, FL // Magic Kingdom and Harry Potter


You guys, we came up with the idea of doing a Disney trip the night of my birthday. We booked it the next day and were on a plane a couple weeks later. That's crazy for us because we never do last minute trips! I'm a planner. But we wanted to squeeze in a trip before Penny turned two, so we could still fly her for free on our laps. 

Anyway, I wanted to share some photos from the trip! Surprisingly, I didn't take nearly as many photos as I though I would or that I normally do. I guess I was having too much fun to even think about pulling out my camera. Oh well!

We only had one day to spend at Disney, so we chose Magic Kingdom since it is the most toddler friendly out of all the parks. You guys, Penny did SO good and loved every minute of it. I'd been to Disney World when I was younger, but this trip was so much more fun watching her enjoy it. We rode the teacups over and over and over and she thought it was the very best thing every time. She also loved the Dumbo ride and all the singing fish on The Little Mermaid ride! Turns out she likes seeing all the characters from afar, but meeting them up close was disaster haha (see the photo below with poor Goofy). She took a nice long stroller nap while we sat near the castle and listened to one of the shows, and she picked out a Mickey bubble wand and kid's stationary kit as her souvenirs. And that hat. That freakin adorable hat that she kept on her head THE WHOLE DAY. We seriously did not want to leave at the end of the day. I can't wait to take her back again (and take more photos next time haha). 


We debated what to do the next day. Should we do Animal Kingdom? Harry Potter World? 

Ultimately we decided to do the park hopper pass to Universal Studios becauseas a diehard HP fan, I can't be in Orlando and NOT visit Harry Potter World. We got engaged there 7 years ago when it was only one side of the park, and I've been dying to go back. This time we got to finally see the Diagon Alley side and ride the Hogwarts Express. I highly recommend it to any big Harry Potter fan. It is seriously so magical. I didn't think it was possibly, but the Diagon Alley side is actually even cooler than the Hogsmead side. 

BUT. While I'm happy we did it and I LIVE for that place, Universal isn't exactly small toddler friendly. Unlike Disney, even most of their kids rides have height requirements that someone Penny's size doesn't meet. While she did enjoy her first truly leg and taste of bitterer, there were only 2 rides in Seuss land she could ride. She did enjoy the rope course play area in Jurassic Park though, so that come highly recommended from my almost-2 year old if you ever visit. 

Like I said, I'm glad we visited this time. But next time (hopefully next year!), I think we'll concentrate on Disney for Penny!


A Magical Rehearsal Night


Today, I’m going alllll the way back to friday the 6th. The day of our rehearsal.

We went with a casual, laid back rehearsal dinner, held down by the pond on the farm. I actually had no involvement in this dinner, so imagine my surprise when I showed up and it was the absolute cutest Harry Potter/library themed party! It was absolutely perfect for us! Boo’s sister and mom did the most amazing job putting everything together. I was in complete awe the entire night at the attention to detail and work that went into it.

It was a gorgeous night. There were lights around the pond, s’mores cups, popcorn, and lots of Harry Potters walking around.  Absolutely perfect. 










my dress: H&M

shoes: TOMS

'Puff Pride


worn on September 24th, 2011

I had seen this top a while back and thought it was cute. And then I was sorted into Hufflepuff house in Pottermore, and I knew it was meant to be. For those of you that don’t know - The badger is the Hufflepuff house animal. And their colors are yellow and black. 

And now you are all aware of how big of a dork I am. 

IMG_3297 IMG_3308 IMG_3206

badger tee: Modcloth

black tee: Gap

pants: Gap

sandals: Urban Outfiiters

hair bow: Handmade

In My Life.... At Home Again

As usual, I have some instagram photos from our trip home to share with you. And I have quite a few this time……

The day we left, I packed while listening to some She&Him. And then we enjoyed a lovely 8 hour evening drive back to Buffalo. 

This is how we party in the country :) 

Just some randoms:

Me and my Kiki

a random photo of the Peace Bridge while driving through Buffalo

my favorite John & Mary’s sub for dinner

and a baby eating a cupcake. 

We spent a day at Niagara Falls with my oldest friend Amanda and her boyfriend, Daniel. There was some mini golf and laser tag involved. Just sayin. And then we spent 1 1/2 hours in the immigration office at the border for a missing stamp on a certain Dutch man’s papers :)

(p.s - Snape waz here)

Haha, I guess we have a difference in opinion. 

Mixing Blues and Greens (EBEW: Thrifted)

worn on July 20th, 2011

Boo and I saw Harry Potter again last night for the 3rd time in less than a week. Don’t judge. We are a bit obsessed and we know it. 

Anyway - this skirt was picked up at Goodwill awhile back and it was one of those perfect finds. An obnoxious color of green, and if fit me flawlessly? How could I pass that up. 

Thrift | Everybody, Everywear

tank: Urban Outfitters

skirt: thrifted

sandals: Coach

'protego totalum' charm: Pretty Little Charms

deathly hallows charm: Madame Poindextra’s

P.S-I'm a Nerd

worn on July 14th, 2011

I know that most of you have wondered, at one point in time, how in heavens name does a style blogger wear a graphic tee with a giant photo of a certain red headed wizard? Well its a good thing you have me around.

As you may have guessed, I wore this last night to the Harry Potter double feature/ midnight premiere. Well kind of what I wore. I may or may not be one of those people who show up at the theater in a Hogwarts robe and a wand. 

p.s - I accidently left my ISO turned way up on my camera again. That sucks. 

p.p.s - If were to ever get a tattoo, I’m 98.9% sure that it would be this symbol. 

tee: Hot Topic (thats right, I said Hot Topic)

skirt and belt: H&M

sandals: Urban Outfitters

Our Own Harry Potter Weekend & a DIY

worn on June 4th, 2011

I’ve done this DIY before - here - with some grey trousers. But I had seen an image of denim scalloped shorts awhile back and I’ve been dying to make them. I’ve just been waiting to find a cheap pair of wide legs to do it, because I didn’t want them to be skin tight in the thighs. I found these ones at goodwill, and they fit perfect - so I knew it was time! I love ‘em. Thy just might be my new favorite shorts :)

Its very simple and there are plenty of tutorials out there! All you need is some sort of marker or fabric pencil, scissors, and fray check. And voila! I had these babies done in about a half hour.

Boo and I had a very Harry Potter filled weekend. We watched a few of the movies, read our books, and even made Butterbeer! Delicious.

sweater: Anthropologie

shorts: thrifted Nine West Jeans, reconstructed

shoes: c/o Big Buddha 

sunglasses: Buffalo Exchange

716 pendent: Metal Pressions

deathly hallows pendent: Madam Poindextra

Just a Few Photos

I don’t have a Wedding Wednesday post ready for today, so instead I’ll share a few recent instagram photos:

(L) Sally Hansen leopard nail effects. They really are as awesome as everyone says. And easy.   (R) new bows that will be added to shop today or tomorrow.  

Started Harry Potter series again! A lot of our evening have been sitting on the porch with yummy drinks and our books. I realized I might not make it through the entire series in  month and a half, so I think I might skip books 2 and 3. It kills me, but if I wanna get through book 7 before the movie, it’ll have to bee done. 

(L) random lamb statue in the park. He likes hugs.    (R) My sister sent us the box set of Six Feet Under. Just what we need - another tv series to get sucked into. We’ve exhausted our Friends, HIMYM, Lost, and Dexter dvds, so its about time we get hooked on another. 

A few shots from Memorial Day in Minute Man National Park (L) Captain William Smith House     (R) Boo (and our picnic bag) walking the Battle Road trail. 

Day 11 - If I were a Harry Potter Character, I'd Be Luna Lovegood



November 18th, 2010

tee and scarf: Gap, skirt: Anthropologie, socks: ?, boots: Miu Miu, sunglasses: U.O

30 for 30 remix - day 11: It is November 18th, November 18th. I have been waiting for this day for a long while now, and I’m sure a bunch of you have too. Tonight, I am going to the midnight premier of Deathly Hallows Pt 1. YAAAAY! I have been going crazy all day. It is like I’m on a sugar high. Nothing can ruin today. 

So something fun for an exciting day. Bright colors, polka dots and bows!